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Let's Grow Together

Sunday Small Groups


626 College Avenue

Alva, OK

Let's Worship Together

Morning Worship 


626 College Avenue

Alva, OK


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Let's Grow Together

Wednesday Night Live


(Every Wednesday of the School Year)

626 College Avenue

Alva, OK

Ready to do some good?

     It's a harsh reality that churches across the country are struggling with decline. There are countless reasons for that... lack of vision, harmful leaders, hypocritical church culture, etc. But, at the end of the day, we can all still clearly see how severely our world needs some good news.


     Well, the people of Alva First United Methodist Church are holding on tight to the good news of Jesus Christ. Now, let's be clear. Our church body is filled with regular people. We all have our own experiences of brokenness. Our people aren't perfect, our pastor isn't perfect, and we are all guilty of offending someone, during our life's journey. But, at the same time, we are still seeking to grow through the forgiveness, goodness, and mercy of God.


     So, if you would like to join us as we grow together, then we would love to have you! 


     We have groups for all ages that meet every Sunday Morning and every Wednesday Evening during the school year. We also have different groups in the church body devoted to prayer ministries, service ministries, care ministries, and more. All this is focused on sharing and showing the love of Jesus Christ, so that we can actually make a difference in this world.


     I hope you will join us in this mission to actually make a difference.

With love through Christ our Redeemer,


-Rev. Taylor Anderson

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